Parag Sawant – A Fighter & not just a victim

Just witnessed the most inhuman side of our journalists & local politicians – while the family and neighbors are grieving at the last rites of the deceased & probably the last survivor of 7/11 train blasts – Late Parag Sawant (Parag Bhaiya as I used to call him) , journalists & photographers were busy capturing these moments to the extent that they made almost uncomfortable for the family to stand near the deceased’s body, politicians kept walking in with their guards on side and flowers in hand to place on the deceased to show their respect.

As they took the body for cremation, I thought now these journalists will at least leave the family alone. But they returned, to capture full shots of the crying wife who lost her husband after a struggle of almost 9 years, a mother who lost her young son & a 8 year old daughter who could never hug her dad (Prachiti was born while Parag was in coma post terrorist attacks)

Are these journalists & politicians any better than those terrorists, terrorists snatched away a young life from a man who was newly married and was happy as his wife was 3 months into pregnancy. And today, these journalists & politicians made the family uncomfortable around them while they were crying for their beloved son/husband/father.

He was a fighter & not a victim, he fought for 9 years against the will of those sick minded people who planted those bombs in the local trains.

After 3 days, media & government will be celebrating 9 years of 11/7 serial blasts. But no verdict has been announced by the court for the 13 accused people.

Zero value of human life, all that matters are powerful campaigns, fake promises & a fake hope of that one day, when the evil will be punished for his deeds.

“Janaza mera uth raha tha yaaron, phir bhi takleef thi unhein aane main.
Woh bewafa aaye tab bhi puch rahe the, aur kitni der lagegi isse dafnane main.”

You will be deeply missed bhaiya!