Lunch at Chili’s – Restaurant Review

On this long weekend, we had planned to chill & relax and thus stepped out in the late hours of Friday afternoon to grab a quick bite/ late lunch.

We were headed towards Indiranagar & were passing around this quiet place which looked very appealing, calling out to the foodie inside me with open arms. So we instantly made our decision and stepped inside Chili’s

It looked like a small place from outside but is huge with 2 floors & big LCD screens for entertainment. We requested for a table on 2nd floor and were immediately attended by the staff. Quite courteous. Place was not crowded & very clean and hygienic.

Here’s my review based on my experience :

Seating Availability : Easily Available. No need of reservation.

Ambience : cozy & quiet

Service : Quick

Serving Time : 20 minutes after placing the order

Cuisine :American, Mexican & Tex-Mex

Menu : American Cuisine with various options for vegetarians & non vegetarians

Promotional Offer :  Buy 1 Get 1 Free on domestic Beers & cocktails from 4 pm onwards.

Our Order : Cajun Pasta in Alfredo sauce & Margarita Grilled Chicken

Taste description :

Cajun Pasta

Cajun Pasta

Cajun pasta – Penne pasta served with a hint of cajun spice, fresh tomatoes in Alfredo sauce along with a single piece of Garlic bread. One can request to add veggies also. There was no option of choosing between the pasta type. Penne was the only type available. Pasta was well cooked, cajun spice powder accentuated the taste of this dish.

Rating : 3 out of 5

Margarita Grilled Chicken

Margarita Grilled Chicken

Margarita Grilled Chicken – Grilled Chicken Breast served on a bed of flavoured rice along with black beans and fresh tomatoes & some tortillas on sides. Chicken was grilled with a flavour of margarita.  Rice was well cooked. Good portion size.

Rating : 4 out of 5

Overall Experience : Good, moderately priced, Good place for dinner parties.

Location : Plot 1135, HAL Stage-2, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore


Misty Morning at Nandi Hills

The chaotic life in metropolitan cities like Mumbai will hardly allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature. But yes, there are some metropolitan cities which are still green and allow you to breathe in some fresh air (less polluted). Yes, I felt this when I moved to Namma Bengaluru, a year back, post marriage. This capital city of Karnataka has its own sweet way of welcoming people – gentle showers , breezy evenings and calm nights.

And the city is surrounded by undulated hills, sprawling landscapes & colorful scenery and people of Bengalore love to travel & explore these places on weekends.One such place is ‘Nandi Hills’ which is located at about 35 km east of Bangalore and about 4500 ft above sea level.


Magical & Surreal


So on one winter morning in January, My husband & I, along with 2 of our friends and my sister-in-law decided to explore this place. We started out at about 3 am, early morning and drove for another 2 hours on a curvy road. We reached at about 5 am, but to our disappointment, the ticket counters were closed and were informed that it would open up only at 6 am. So we decided to explore the surroundings after parking the vehicle. There was one shop that was serving tea and coffee, slightly overpriced but people were still flocking the shop as it was too cold and to keep oneself warm, this was the only option.

Weather was at its best, it was drizzling and breezy by the time we bought tickets and drove up the hill. The place was a bit crowded as it was a Sunday morning and like us, most of the visitors chose to spend their weekend morning at Nandi Hills.There were few old temples, remains of some old fort type monument and few hawkers selling tea and corn on the cob.

Our group was busy posing and doing justice to the latest trend of clicking selfies. Shared below are few snaps from the day.


Morning Selfie



A Random Pose with Hubby


3 musketeers

3 musketeers

On the move

On the move

The place offered a very different view, one that is enough to soothe your soul. After spending 3 hours & exploring the hill top, we said good bye to this majestic place.

As we drove down the hills, I exclaimed to myself – A well spent Sunday! 🙂



Fragrant Chicken Corn Rice : Weekend Meal

Cooking can turn into a boring mundane job if you don’t experiment with the ingredients in your kitchen. Heard this before? I too tried experimenting this weekend and the result was marvelous.

Being a working married woman, I usually explore my culinary streak on weekends. So last Saturday, I tried to stir up a new recipe for my husband’s lunchbox by using the ingredients that were available at my home.

You can give it any fancy name as you like, I would prefer to call this recipe as ‘Fragrant Chicken Corn Rice’.

Things you’ll need :

3-4 Baby Corns (chop into thin rounds)

1 cup of fresh or frozen corn kernels

2 -3 Chicken Sausages (slice sausages into thin rounds)

2-3 medium sized Onions (finely chopped)

4-5 Garlic Cloves (finely chopped)

6-8 Nos. of Star Anise or Chinese Star Anise

Red Chilli Oil (1 tsp)

Red Chilli Sauce (2 tsp)

Butter ( 2-3 tsp)

1 bowl of Cooked Rice

Red Chilli Flakes (as per taste)

Salt (as per taste)

Black Pepper Powder (as per taste)

1-2 Nos. of Eggs

2-3 Nos.of Green Chillies (finely chopped)


Melt butter in a wok/pan. Add chopped garlic, chopped onions. Fry onions until they turn tender but not brown. While you wait for the onions to get done, shallow fry the thin slices of Chicken sausages in a separate pan until they turn brown & are cooked completely. Remove these slices & keep them aside.

Once the onions are done, add 6-8 star anise, red chilli oil, green chillies, chopped baby corns and corn kernels. Stir & toss it so that the ingredients are mixed well. Cover the pan and cook for 3-4 mins on a slow flame.Now, break the eggs & beat them well using a fork or a hand blender. Pour this on a well-heated pan & fry a thin omelette.Once the omelette is done, roll & cut it into thin long stripes.

Remove the lid from the pan, stir the vegetables & add cooked rice to it. Add fried slices of Chicken Sausages to this. Mix it well. Now add red chilli sauce, salt & red chilli flakes as per your taste. Toss it well, cover & cook for another 2 mins on slow flame.

Garnish the rice with thin stripes of omelette & sprinkle some black pepper powder as per taste.

Image :


Do try this recipe & let me know how this turns out for you! happy, smiley icon

Keep Calm & Be Silent




At times, when things goes out of our hands – it becomes necessary to take a step back, pause, relax and embrace silence for sometime. It is very important for an individual to introspect and spend some ‘me’ time with oneself and make an attempt to understand what does he/she really wants.

This is true with every individual – whether you a student, a business professional or a serviceman. There are moments – when you feel left out, you feel that you are being misunderstood by everyone around you, no one is appreciating you for your efforts. As a human being, it becomes difficult at times, to give explanations for your actions but it is the need of this society and each one of us are responsible for our acts.

Instead of over doing things or explaining yourself too much to someone, take a break, sit back & just go with the flow.Things will eventually fall into place and people around you will understand your worth soon. If they don’t, be patient, they might be slow learners. 😉

Dear Readers, let me know if you too have come across similar situations in life and how did you deal with it?

Would love to read your comments.

How Can Brands Leverage Facebook’s New Call-To-Action Buttons?

Last December, Facebook had made an announcement of rolling out a new feature for business pages called ‘Call-To-Action’ button.

Admins are now able to see this feature being rolled out on their pages and an option asking to select which ‘Call-To-Action’ button would you want to set up on the page.

As an social media professional, I too did some background research before recommending this feature to my clients and explored the benefits of this latest offering from Facebook.

So do you also want to know which button should you select for your brand out of 7 options given by Facebook under the ‘Call-To-Action’ button?

Click here to know more about Facebook’s ‘Call-To-Action’ button.