Misty Morning at Nandi Hills

The chaotic life in metropolitan cities like Mumbai will hardly allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature. But yes, there are some metropolitan cities which are still green and allow you to breathe in some fresh air (less polluted). Yes, I felt this when I moved to Namma Bengaluru, a year back, post marriage. This capital city of Karnataka has its own sweet way of welcoming people – gentle showers , breezy evenings and calm nights.

And the city is surrounded by undulated hills, sprawling landscapes & colorful scenery and people of Bengalore love to travel & explore these places on weekends.One such place is ‘Nandi Hills’ which is located at about 35 km east of Bangalore and about 4500 ft above sea level.


Magical & Surreal


So on one winter morning in January, My husband & I, along with 2 of our friends and my sister-in-law decided to explore this place. We started out at about 3 am, early morning and drove for another 2 hours on a curvy road. We reached at about 5 am, but to our disappointment, the ticket counters were closed and were informed that it would open up only at 6 am. So we decided to explore the surroundings after parking the vehicle. There was one shop that was serving tea and coffee, slightly overpriced but people were still flocking the shop as it was too cold and to keep oneself warm, this was the only option.

Weather was at its best, it was drizzling and breezy by the time we bought tickets and drove up the hill. The place was a bit crowded as it was a Sunday morning and like us, most of the visitors chose to spend their weekend morning at Nandi Hills.There were few old temples, remains of some old fort type monument and few hawkers selling tea and corn on the cob.

Our group was busy posing and doing justice to the latest trend of clicking selfies. Shared below are few snaps from the day.


Morning Selfie



A Random Pose with Hubby


3 musketeers

3 musketeers

On the move

On the move

The place offered a very different view, one that is enough to soothe your soul. After spending 3 hours & exploring the hill top, we said good bye to this majestic place.

As we drove down the hills, I exclaimed to myself – A well spent Sunday! 🙂




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