Corn and Cheese Toast

Woah….after a really loooong looong time, I have finally found time to get back to my blog. So friends, all this while I was away, I was busy developing and enhancing my cooking skills along with a full time job as a Marketing Professional.

In the last one year, have seen a lot of changes, met lot of new people and had some amazing experiences and yes, managed to create some awesome recipes, some inspired by other chefs and home cooks and some due to my habit of experimenting with ingredients.

Now that I am back to blogging, will make sure that I keep this habit and will try to share as much as recipes topped with some sweet n spicy stories ūüôā

And here’s a recipe of a creamy cheesy snack that you can serve with coffee or tea to your family – ‘Corn & Cheese Toast’

Corn and Cheese Toast

Things you’ll need :

Few slices of fresh Bread
Butter – 1 tbsp
Onion – 1 no. finely chopped
Garlic – 4 to 5 cloves chopped
Capsicum – 1/2 no. chopped
Cooked Sweet Corn – 1 cup
Salt to taste
Black Pepper – 1/2 tsp
Italian seasoning / Oregano – 1 tsp
All Purpose flour (Maida) – 2 tsp
Milk – 1 cup
Cheese – 2 slices

Method :

Melt butter in the sauce pan, Now add finely chopped Onions, Garlic, Capsicum & saute for 2 minutes ,add the cooked Corn kernels. Add Salt, Pepper, Italian seasoning & mix well. Add 2 tsp of All purpose flour (Maida), remember to keep the flame on low while you add 1 cup Milk. Add 2 slices of Cheese & mix till it melts. Check for seasoning & turn off the stove.  Cut the bread into triangles and arrange it on a plate as shown in the picture. Now you are all set to pour the cheesy creamy corn and cheese mix on it.

Serve it hot with loads of love to your family ‚̧


Do try out the recipe and let me know how it turned out to be. ūüôā




Recipe : Sukhi Moong Dal Sabzi

Hi Readers, after a very long time I am back with a new recipe post. So, today along with the usual Dal, Rice, Roti & Curry for Dinner, thought of experimenting a new recipe, but here comes a disappointment – no fresh veggies in the fridge. And then, I spotted the jar kept in the corner containing¬†Yellow Moong Dal. I had found my ingredient and tried a new recipe ‘Sukhi Moong Dal Sabzi’.

Sookhi Moong Dal Sabzi

Here’s the quick recipe :

Ingredients :

Yellow Moong Dal (soak it for 45 mins) – 1 Cup

Dry Red Chilli – 1 Nos

Bay Leaf – 1 Nos

Cumin Seeds – 2 tsp

Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp

Green Chillies (Finely Chopped) – 1 Nos

Ginger-Garlic Paste – 1 tsp

Red Chilli Powder – 1/2 tsp

Coriander Powder – 1 tsp

Turmeric Powder – 1 tsp

Oil – 2 tsp

Coriander Leaves – For Garnish

Salt as per taste

Method :

Heat oil in a pan, add cumin seeds, bay leaf & mustard seeds. Once they start to crackle, add Dry Red Chilli, Green Chillies and Ginger-Garlic paste.

Drain off the water and add the soaked Yellow Moong Dal to the pan. Saute it for about 2 mins and then add Turmeric, Coriander & Red Chilli Powder. Adjust salt, add a dash of water to the pan and cover the pan with the lid and cook for about 5-10 mins.

Turn off the flame once the Dal is cooked and dry. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves.

Serve it hot with Paratha / Roti / Steamed Rice on a cold winter night.







Farm Fresh – Restaurant Review

Before I start out with the review, a small note that I was invited to try the food by the owner of Farm Fresh, Mr. Rashid.

image 01

So the owner of Farm Fresh, invited me to try out the food served by them and offered to deliver at my residence, but as my current residence was out of the delivery area, thus Mr. Rashid offered to deliver the food at my workplace which was very thoughtful of him.

Before I list down the items that I ordered, here’s a little background about this place, so Farm Fresh is not your typical restaurant. They have a very unique offering, they serve you food in two ways :

  1. Ready to Eat (Like normal restaurants)
  2. Ready to Cook (This can be grilled/fried/baked by you)

My food order consisted of both the items, I ordered :

Ready to Eat : Chicken Malai Seekh, Chicken Malai Tikka, Chicken Biryani & Chicken Schezwan Noodles.

Ready to Cook : Chicken Shami Kebab

Delivery Service : Swift & prompt service, the order was delivered at the expected time, neatly packed.

Rating : 5/5

Food : The food turned out to be really delicious.

I am an ardent fan of Seekh Kebabs and totally loved the Chicken Malai Seekh Kebab. Chicekn Malai Tikkas were also very juicy, soft and tasty.

Image 02

Now coming to Chicken Shami Kebabs, since I had ordered it in the ready to cook form, instead of baking it, I shallow fried it in pan and to my surprise, it turned out perfectly well.

Here’s a before and after snap:

image 03

After tasting the starters, expectation with the main course had soared but I must say that I was a little disappointed with Chicken Biryani. It had very mild flavours and rice was sticky.

image 04

Chicken Schezwan Noodles was nice and spicy.

image 05

Rating : 4/5

Price : Reasonably Priced, Easy on the pocket!


Overall Rating : 4/5

Farm Fresh is a good solution when you have unannounced guests at your home and you wish to treat them to some juicy kebabs.


Parag Sawant – A Fighter & not just a victim

Just witnessed the most inhuman side of our journalists & local politicians – while the family and neighbors are grieving at the last rites of the deceased & probably the last survivor of 7/11 train blasts – Late Parag Sawant (Parag Bhaiya as I used to call him) , journalists & photographers were busy capturing these moments to the extent that they made almost uncomfortable for the family to stand near the deceased’s body, politicians kept walking in with their guards on side and flowers in hand to place on the deceased to show their respect.

As they took the body for cremation, I thought now these journalists will at least leave the family alone. But they returned, to capture full shots of the crying wife who lost her husband after a struggle of almost 9 years, a mother who lost her young son & a 8 year old daughter who could never hug her dad (Prachiti was born while Parag was in coma post terrorist attacks)

Are these journalists & politicians any better than those terrorists, terrorists snatched away a young life from a man who was newly married and was happy as his wife was 3 months into pregnancy. And today, these journalists & politicians made the family uncomfortable around them while they were crying for their beloved son/husband/father.

He was a fighter & not a victim, he fought for 9 years against the will of those sick minded people who planted those bombs in the local trains.

After 3 days, media & government will be celebrating 9 years of 11/7 serial blasts. But no verdict has been announced by the court for the 13 accused people.

Zero value of human life, all that matters are powerful campaigns, fake promises & a fake hope of that one day, when the evil will be punished for his deeds.

“Janaza mera uth raha tha yaaron, phir bhi takleef thi unhein aane main.
Woh bewafa aaye tab bhi puch rahe the, aur kitni der lagegi isse dafnane main.”

You will be deeply missed bhaiya!

Dinner at Chulha Chauki da Dhaba – Restaurant Review



Had heard some good things about this place, so we decided to dine at Chulha Chauki da Dhaba last night & here’s my review:


Ambiance : Very interesting with a proper Dhaba setup in the busy town area of JP Nagar.

Rating : 4/5.

Service : Swift & prompt service by the Staff, Once we placed our order, within 10 minutes, food was served to us. Extremely surprising to get such a quick service on a busy weekend night.

Rating : 5/5

Food : So, we did some quick search on Zomato & FourSquare to find out at the Must-try items. And, were happy that we did that as those dishes turned out to be really delicious.

We ordered – Chicken Sawariya Kebab for Starters, Chicken Handi & Chicken Lahsuni, Phulkas, Garlic Naan, Plain Naan, Vegetarian Pulav & Lassi.

Had read several recommendations for Chicken Sawariya Kebab & Garlic Naan & glad we ordered it coz it was totally a delicious affair. Will recommend others also to go for it.

Chicken Handi & Chicken Lahsuni were alright but did not have a very distinguished taste as I expected after tasting the starter item. Veg Pulav was very tasty & had that piquant flavour of saffron.

Serving Portions were small for the Gravy items – some room for improvement.

Rating : 3/5

Price : Reasonably Priced, Easy on the pocket!

Waiting Time : Anywhere between 30-40 minutes as this place is very busy.

Amenities : Car Parking Space, Waiting Benches.

Overall Rating : 3.5/5

This deserves a second visit, definitely!

Vegetable Biryani Recipe

Hi people, I am back with a simple & delicious recipe that you can prepare to impress your family/guests & if they are vegetarians, they will be surely happy to devour the goodness of this delicious Vegetable Biryani.

Vegetable Biryani

Ingredients :

Bay Leaves : 3-4 Nos.

Cinnamons : 2 medium size sticks

Cumin seeds : 2 teaspoon

Cloves : 7-8 Nos

Black Peppercorns : 7-8 Nos

Mace (Aril of Nutmeg) : 2-3 strands

Green Cardamoms : 4-5 Nos

Black Cardamoms : 2 Nos

Stone Flower : 4-5 Nos

Star Anise : 2-3 Nos

Red Chilli Powder : 2-3 tsp (can adjust as desired)

Salt : As per taste

Biryani Powder : 3 tbsp

Ghee : 3-4 tbsp

Basmati Rice : 500 gms

Pototoes : 3 Nos, chopped into thin slices (as you do for fries)

Onions : 2 Nos, roughly chopped

Cauliflower : 1 medium sized, chop small florets.

Peas : 1 small cup (I used frozen peas)

Carrots : 2-3 Nos, chopped into thin long slices

Capsicums : 1 big, chopped into thin long slices

Soya mini chunks : half cup

Baby Corns : 5-6 Nos, chopped into small pieces.

 Tomatoes : 1 big, finely chopped (can replace it with Puree as well)

Fresh Curd : 3 tbsp

Food color : small pinch

Ginger- Garlic paste : 1 tsp

Green Chillies : 4-5 Nos, chopped.

Onion : 1 Nos, Chopped into thin slices.

Garnish : 10-12 Nos, fried cashews.

Method : Soak basmati rice for at least an hour. Heat 3 tbsp oil in pan, deep fry all the chopped vegetables except onions & tomotoes into separate batches till they turn crisp & slightly golden. Keep them aside.

Take a deep vessel and boil water using half quantity of the dried whole spices Рcloves, black peppercorns, cumin seeds, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, green cardamoms, black cardamoms, Mace, Stone flower, Star Anise. You can either add them directly to the water or tie them in a muslin cloth and place it in the water. We are doing this to infuse the flavours into the water. Once the water starts boiling, add soaked rice and cook only till rice is 3/4th cooked. Drain and keep it aside.

Now take a pan, add ghee, once the ghee is hot, fry roughly chopped onions till they turn translucent and are soft. Now add tomotoes ( or puree) & green chillies, fry it well. Add ginger-garlic paste & fry again. Once it starts to leave oil, start adding fried vegetables that you had kept aside. Mix them well, add biryani powder, red chilli powder, remaining whole spices, curd & salt. Toss the vegetables so that it is covered & coated with spices & masala.Cover it with a lid & allow it to cook for 2-3 minutes on slow flame.

Now, divide the rice into two parts,maybe use two different bowls, mix food color in 2-3 tsp of milk & pour this over 1 bowl of rice. Now take a large heavy bottom vessel, add some ghee, add a layer of white rice (uncolored), add vegetables on top of it, add some chopped green chillies & fried onions. Now add colored rice & repeat the process of adding vegetables, chillies & fried onions. Repeat this until you finish rice and vegetables. Finish with rice layer. Top with fried onions and coriander leaves, mint leaves, 1/2 tsp of biryani masala & some ghee. Wrap the rim of the vessel with dough & place the lid over it. Place a heavy object on the lid.

Now place the vessel on slow flame for about 10 minutes & then place it over a hot Griddle pan (Tawa) on slow flame for about 15-20 minutes.

Garnish it with fried cashews & coriander leaves.

Serve it hot with Mint and Onion Raita & fried papads.

Noodles Upma – A Breakfast Story

Being a noodle lover, I really try to experiment with this ingredient and dish up a new recipe whenever I have some free time on hand. This weekend, I tried cooking my favourite and old recipe of Noodles Upma to satiate my cravings for spicy yummy noodles.

Here’s how you too can cook¬†this delicious noodles in a jiffy, just follow the easy & simple recipe.



Things you’ll need:

Noodles : 100 gms

Black Mustard Seeds (Rai) : 1 tsp

Onions : 1-2 small onions, finely chopped

Bengal Gram Split & Skinned (Chana Dal) : 1 tsp

Black Gram Skinned : 1 tsp

Curry Leaves : 6-7 Nos.

Green Chillies : 2 Nos, finely chopped

Turmeric Powder : 1/2 tsp

Salt to taste

Oil : 1-2 tbsp

Red Chilli Powder / flakes as per taste

Black Pepper Powder as per taste

Method: Boil water in a pan, add 2-3 drops of cooking oil and turmeric powder, once it starts boiling, add noodles to the boiling water, allow the noodles to boil. Once they are ready, drain & keep them aside.

Heat oil in a deep pan, once the oil is warm, add chopped onions to it & fry them till they start turning golden, now add bengal gram & black gram, chillies, curry leaves and black mustard seeds. Fry them for about 2-3 minutes. Now add, boiled noodles & toss it well, so that all the ingredients are mixed properly. Add salt & red chilli flakes as per taste, toss it once again. Sprinkle some black pepper powder on top & serve.

Your easy to make, delicious breakfast is ready! Enjoy with a hot cup of tea/coffee ūüôā